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how do you say evoq?

e·voke /əˈvōk/

verb. bring or recall to the conscious mind.

synonyms: bring to mind, call to mind, put one in mind of, call up, conjure up, summon up, summon, invoke, give rise to, bring forth, elicit, induce, kindle, stimulate, stir up, awaken, arouse, excite, raise, suggest.

EVOQ is about evoking your call to greatness. Yes, YOU! Your greatness.

Neither of us ever expected to reach the heights that we have in cycling. We do not use this as a platform to brag, but to simply SHOW YOU WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE! Yes, as professional cycling coaches we know that it takes hard work and a desire to become better at something, but the reward is incredible.

Together we have been on over 150 Podiums - including a Masters National Championship and over 10 State Championships. We know how to train our bodies and brains, and we are here to help you find the best cycling training to reach your peak fitness.

This is not for cookie cutter calendar lovers. This is customized solutions for your wild and crazy adventure through life.

We want to evoke your greatness. Rise up.

We will be hosting and posting LOTS of content for you to devour. We want to start a conversation, as we are always learning and developing a better understanding of an ever-changing sport and with it, creating better ways to train. We are all about optimizing the cycling experience.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help you.