This concept is about you

But if you must know, these two push the buttons and pedals to keep this concept rolling.


Brendan Housler - Cofounder

Brendan started riding in 2008 in basketball shorts and lined up for his first USAC race in 2009. In 2010 he earned his Category 1 license and has been training and racing with power for over 70,000 miles. He recently moved to Memphis, TN, after finishing his MBA from the University of Rochester's Simon Business School.

Brendan is a full-time cycling coach and managing partner for Fast Circles, LLC.

He loves making you a faster, stronger, and more confident version of your current self. He coaches everyone from the brand new cyclist (where we all started; there are NO dumb questions) to the Cat 1 racer looking to take the next step up.

He has helped thousands of athletes with his online coaching, as well as over 50 athletes in a one on one scenario. His combined coaching and riding hours exceed 10,000 hours, providing him with ample experience to share with you.

His number one focus is to see you hit your goals within a realistic time frame.

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Patrick Walle - Cofounder

Patrick started riding a bike, his first endurance sport, in 2010. After being introduced to racing in 2011, cycling quickly became a lifelong passion. Patrick plays the french horn in the Nashville symphony and has been teaching and playing professionally since 2006.

Teaching has always been an interest of Patrick. Acquiring and perfecting a skill set then passing those skills onto others was always a part of his musical career, and since 2012 he has been doing it as a cycling coach too. Patrick has coached juniors, Ultra endurance athletes, weekend warriors, and racers from category 5-1. A firm believer in goal setting, Patrick will help you determine your goals, and with the power of analysis and planning, help you achieve them all.