Here’s what our athletes are saying, living, and doing.

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I want to give a huge shout out to my coach for his help and everything that he’s done. Many people don’t realize that I have a coach, since I am a coach, but just as a surgeon wouldn’t operate on themselves, I think it’s really important to have an outside perspective of what’s going on. Sometimes you can’t see that from the inside. EVOQ.BIKE has been an amazing influence not only through the workout side of things, but also great friends. Brendan and I raced the GF World Championships together for TEAM USA and we really got to know each other well. EVOQ.BIKE really understands my style of racing and has not only helped me focus on my weaknesses, but helped me understand and apply my strengths to racing. Thanks to everything that I’ve learned, I’ve gone to a whole other level in certain aspects and stood on the podium twice more at Master’s Nationals. I’ve clearly had some huge success not only in power numbers but awareness on how to race a bike. Thanks!

— Owen S., National Champion

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As an amateur cat 4 racer, I feel like I’ve learned more from these guys in the last 6 months than I have on the cycling scene for the past 10 years. Their knowledge is deep from training on and off the bike, your nutritional needs and most importantly your racing psyche. What’s most appealing to me as a cyclist is that the majority of their knowledge comes from things that they have tried and tested as racers that started from the bottom and have elevated to the top of the game. Two thumbs up for Brendan and Patrick! Give these guys a shout.

 — Craig D.

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EVOQ coaching has been instrumental to my development as a racer. They have taken me from being dropped in cat 4 races to being constantly at the front of big cat 3 races. The personalized coaching that they offer is huge, and I definitely wouldn’t be here without them.

— Jacob K.


With Patrick and Brendan's coaching you can shortcut the learning curve and accelerate your speed gains. I have used their training programs for years and am blown away by their attention to detail and ability to deliver results. If you're willing to put in consistent effort, there's no limit to what goals you can achieve.


— Andrew S.

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Big shoutout to EVOQ.BIKE for all of the amazing results I’ve seen over the past year. I started training with a power meter and used Andy Coggan’s Training and Racing with a Power Meter and tried to figure things out for myself. Once I started working with EVOQ.BIKE and took my training more seriously, I was able to see way better results than I was getting off a premade plan. The coaches really made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to feel confident going into a large number of races. Their service went well beyond just a monthly plan, where I could talk to my coaches and felt very supported, especially when things got hard during the season. It was above and beyond just putting workouts in a calendar. I saw a ton of results and they helped me lose 20-25 lbs. in the process and really optimized my diet. If you want to go all in and train properly, you’ll see amazing results. At the same time, when life got really busy with work and family, we were able to adapt my training schedule so that I could still see improvements without the same time commitment. Wherever you are at, whether you go all in or have limited time, they’ll make it work for you. Check out EVOQ.BIKE today!

— Greg M.


Highly specialized and knowledgeable group of coaches! Having worked with Patrick, the coaching process from start to program, has been very well thought out, detailed, and individualized. You can tell special thought has been given to highlight your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. Progress has gone beyond my expectations, and it makes sense- Patrick and the other coaches win, because they know what they are doing. It's that simple!

— Peter l.


I began racing in 2017 as a Cat 5 and finished the season as a Cat 3. I could not have done it with Patrick’s coaching. He immediately picked up on my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to learn how to play to my advantages. He provided a lot of support and insight, and he goes above and beyond as a coach. Highly recommended!!”

— Tate D.


Last year I worked with Brendan for my state time trial championships. He was able to meet my schedule and get me the most out of my training time. He is super informative. Workouts were descriptive and was easy to talk to about different training questions. Highly highly recommend!

— Scott C.


EVOQ.BIKE are a Smart (& fast) gang of coaches, you won't go wrong with them and they'll get you to your goals!

— JASON H., Pro Mountain Biker


“Brendan has been awesome! He works with me to develop a dynamic plan that fits my schedule and addresses my specific strengths and weaknesses. He is very responsive and frequently reaches out tho make sure allis going well, or help figure out what’s not.  Working with EVOQ has definitely made me a more complete rider, and honed facest of my riding that i previously ignored (or avoided!) Experience approach knowledge...couldn’t be happier with these guys! If you’re ready to get stronger and faster they can help you achieve.”

— Tim P.

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EVOQ.BIKE has made training easier for me to understand all the science and technology involved in today’s training methods. I’ve felt the most fresh I’ve ever felt from training blocks last year and probably rode a lot less with the same if not better results from the year before. Quality training is invaluable! 

— George C.

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“EVOQ.BIKE laid out exactly what I needed to do (including when and why) in order to get me to my goals. Totally different than older training models, Brendan's coaching is beyond simple heart rate or power zones. They can explain, on a physiological level, the adaptations I need to obtain and how the training plan accomplishes just that. He also identified what my strengths were and my weaknesses. There was NO hiding. I knew what I needed to do. What I was able to physically accomplish with Brendan on my side was far more than I expected. EVOQ.BIKE can take a goal and give you the map to get you there.”

— Andi P.B.